Transferable skills training courses are open to all University of Luxembourg enrolled doctoral candidates, visiting candidates and candidates at the Luxembourg research institutes.
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An overview of the offer for the Winter Semester is available here :  Course Schedule for Transferable Skills for Winter Semester 2017-2018


We would like to inform you that in order to receive your certificates and ECTS points, it is MANDATORY to fill-in the EVALUATION FORMS online after all TS courses.

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This workshop in part of the Winter Semester 2017-2018 Transferable Skills course offer. 
It serves as an example to show you how the new Moodle Plateform will look like. 


In this course will we explore how a variety of university-level teaching activities can be supported, enhanced, modified or transformed with the help of digital media and technologies. We will explore various theories and strategies for technology integration and how they can concretely be used to design “digital-age” learning and teaching activities.

Pre-course work

Participants are asked to write up 3 different scenarios of higher education teaching practices, i.e. describing the respective learning objectives and the teaching methods used to foster student learning.

Post-course work

Participants have to write a "digital teaching scenario”. 

Participants will have 2 weeks after the last course to send in their post-work.